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War Horse

While we’re in war zone, let’s time travel back to World War I. This post is about a book called War Horse, by Micheal Morpurgo.

Joey is just an ordinary horse working on a farm with his best friend, Albert. (Albert is a human) But when Joey goes to war, Albert doesn’t get to go with him! Will they ever see each other again?

joey and albert

My favorite part of the book is when Joey and his horse friend, Topthorn get a break from the war and go to live with a little girl named Emily and her grandfather. A sweet friendship develops and they become fast friends. There is a bit of gore in this book, and if you aren’t interested in World War I,  you might not like this book. But other than that, I think you will! War Horse is fairly advanced reading, so I’d recommend it for girls (or boys) 10 and up. Once you finish the book, there is also a movie out based on the book, but your parents might not let you watch it because it’s PG-13. I hope you enjoy reading this book!

war horse

Number the Stars

Hello Readers,

Sorry I haven’t written a post in so long, I’ve just been kind’ve busy, but never mind that.

Do you ever wonder how awful World War II actually was? Well, look at it from a little girl’s point of view. Annemarie Johansen lived in Copenhagen, Denmark and life became more difficult after the Germans invaded. But when her best friend goes into hiding, will she be safe?

number the stars annemarie

I think this book is very good and will leave you on the edge of your seat! I especially like Annemarie, she is so brave, and she is very mature for her age. Number the Stars is best suited  for girls who are interested in WWII. In fact, this might be a good book to start with for someone who’s not yet ready to read The Diary of Anne Frank. The age level would probably be from 8 and up, or history gurus. (like me)

I hope you really enjoy this book, just like I did.