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A Library Card: Your Ticket to Finding Good Books

In Today’s Buzz, I am going to talk about one of the best ways to find great books. Of course you can go to the bookstore and find the latest books, but that can get pretty expensive. There’s a great source that’s probably not very far away from you: your local library! Many of the books that I review are books from the library. In fact, I have my own library card with my name on it. I can check out my own books and my Mom isn’t even allowed to see what books I’ve checked out! Recently, my mom and I went with my sister to the library to get my sister a library card. When we got to the front desk this is what the librarian told us:


  • You must be 5 years and up
  • You must know how to write your full name all by yourself

So really, getting a library card isn’t that hard. So, Happy Reading and may the world introduce you to some wonderful books!

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Welcome to Bella’s Book Buzz Blog! (Try to say that 10 times fast) This is a blog to help young girls find books that you know you will be interested in. I know sometimes I have a hard time finding good books to read and then someone comes along and tells me about a book they read and thought I might like! I will try to update once a week but sometimes I might forget or something and it will take a little longer. So I hope you enjoy the entries I put on this blog and find some really good books to read!